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Degrize® Industrial Technology


Degrize offers solutions in the production and customization of equipment and machinery for manufacturing companies operating in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food. Because we know that in the competitive environment of these fields of activity you need to be able to rely on a reliable and high-performance machine, we select from our portfolio the solutions that best fit the specific and development strategy of your company.

Degrize provides maintenance services, during the warranty and post-warranty period, with qualified and operational staff. DEGRIZE MAINTENANCE SERVICE is able to keep the production activity, for our partners, in optimal operation by remedying defects occurring in pneumatic, electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment. We are privileged to have a team of professionals who are willing to solve your problems in the shortest possible time



Cosmetic products in stores, whether manufactured in the EU or imported from third countries, must fully comply with the Regulation on cosmetic products, which ensures stricter safety standards and better information for consumers.
Degrize solutions are uniquely positioned in line with industry functionality to meet strict industry regulations.


The companies operating in the pharmaceuticals sector are under constant pressure to manage their day-to-day activities efficiently. Thus, they need to reduce their operational costs and improve their customer service and order fulfilment performance.
Degrize understands that as a manufacturer of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, success depends on the ability to produce superior quality products. You must follow a highly controlled process to develop and manufacture products that meet the strictest quality standards.


In the case of manufacturers in the food industry, the variety of component materials, the variety of products currently produced and the rapid changes taking place in the development of new products all require the best production machinery and equipment.
We offer complete solutions for equipment and machinery in the food industry.

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